10 Language Schools to Explore in Washington, D.C.

As a popular destination for international interns and foreign exchange students, Washington, DC, also hosts several prominent language schools. Language studies can help students with English language immersion or prepare students for studying overseas.

Whether you want to brush up on your language skills or learn a new language, these schools can turn the tongue-tied into translator. Here are a few of the most popular language schools in the district:

  1. Fluent City2111 Florida Ave NW; 347-687-6896; $285 for nine weeks of weekly, two-hour long classes
  2. Global Language Network1720 I St. NW; 202-684-6627; $120 refundable deposit plus $80 non-refundable deposit for 12 weeks of class, once a week. Classes are two hours long.
  3. World Speak: 3647 New Hampshire Ave NW; 202-596-7533; $250 per month for weekly classes. Classes are one hour and 45 minutes long.
  4. International Center for Language Studies: 1133 15th St. NW, Suite 600; 202-639 8800; $325 plus a $25 registration fee includes 10 weeks of class, twice a week. Classes are one hour and 40 minutes long.
  5.  Dictyon Language Services1010 N. Glebe Road, Suite 350, Arlington; 703-875 7630; 6391 Ivy Lane, Suite 604, Greenbelt; 301-614 0527; $320 plus $30 registration fee for 10 weeks of class, once a week. Classes are two and a half hours long.
  6. DC Internationals MESALI17th St NW, Farragut Square; ross@dcinternationals.com; $1,500 for 60 hours of classes. Classes are three hours long.
  7. Japan-America Society of Washington, DC1819 L St NW; 202-839-3009; $275 for 10 weeks of classes. Classes are one hour and 30 minutes long.
  8. Washington English Center2200 California St NW; 202-387-2222; $60 for five weeks of classes, three times a week. Classes range in length.
  9. French Academy1629 K St, Ste 300; 571-340-6264; $240 for five weeks of classes once a week. Classes are two hours long.
  10. International Language Institute1717 Rhode Island Ave NW, Ste 100; 202-362-2505; $340 plus the cost of textbooks for 10 weeks of classes. Classes are two hours and 30 minutes long.


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