4stay is pleased to announce that we have expanded our network around the world, bringing affordable housing options to more students worldwide. We have partnered with several more agencies, which has greatly expanded the network of educational institutions we work with.

Our abroad network now includes Edulipse, based in Australia; Compass, which is based in Ukraine; Experilang, in France; and Scholarship-Positions, which is worldwide. 4stay has partnered with over 100 public and private colleges, companies, and organizations to bring housing options to as many students as possible. The addition of these educational and scholarship counseling agencies allows us to help students find affordable housing near campus with just a single click.

When 4stay partners with an educational institution, we build a landing page for them that works with their already existing website at no additional cost.

Over one million students in the U.S. in 2018 were international; that is 5.5 percent of all students in higher education. With that many students, housing can be difficult to find, especially affordable housing that is near campus or their place of employment and finding a roommate to help them afford their off-campus apartment can be even more difficult. That is where 4stay comes in. We have over 173,000 listings on our platform, giving students many options to find the housing that is right for them.

Some of the most popular locations in the U.S. for international students are: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Texas, Washington D.C., Boston, and Chicago. These are some of the most difficult cities to find affordable housing in for anyone. 4stay has connections to universities in all of these areas of the country, helping to take the stress out of looking for a place to live in one of these thriving metropolises.

4stay has available student housing options around many colleges and universities, including some top universities, like Harvard, Duke, Georgetown, Stanford, and MIT.

Using 4stay to find housing means the students will not have to pay a deposit. We offer both long-term and short-term housing options, and students can browse thousands of homes, dorms, rooms, and even homestays quickly and easily. They can easily compare the housing options available to determine what has the right prices, sizes, and amenities they are looking for in their home. Students can also search for roommates through 4stay, making it easier to find the right roommate.

With 4stay, students will not be locked into a one-year lease, they can cancel their housing arrangement at any time, making it easier to rent something off campus that they can leave at the end of their term without being charged a massive fee for breaking their lease early.

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Written by: Auz Burger,

 Co-authored: Faridun Nazarov, Co-Founder & COO, 4stay.com