People will travel all over the world for internships and schools, and finding housing at their destination can be difficult, especially finding affordable housing near internship’s location or near their school; that is where 4stay comes in. 4stay helps interns and students find housing in convenient locations for a price they can afford.

It is because of this that international companies like AIESEC have partnered with 4stay to help their interns find housing. AIESEC is an international organization that arranges internships abroad and has partnered with almost 20 countries for their program. 4stay’s partnership with AIESEC helps members of the AIESEC program find fully furnished long- or short-term rooms, apartments, and homes for their stay, with no deposit, and utilities are included in the rent. 4stay also helps connect people who are in the same internship program or attending the same school. If they end up needing to leave earlier than the lease agreement, they will not be charged a fee for doing so, which is something many face when only staying somewhere for a semester or an academic year.

4stay understands the challenges people face when traveling abroad for work or schools. Its founders came to the United States in 2007 and 2008 for school and faced the same housing challenges that many interns and students are still facing today. Apartments wanted a one-year lease, dorms were expensive or full, and finding a roommate was a nightmare. Our founders decided they wanted to help students find housing without having to face these challenges. 4stay has since helped over 10,000 interns and students in over 30 countries, and 15 different states find housing with ease.

4stay has partnered with over 100 universities, organizations, and companies all over the world, including the Institute of International Education, which is one of the top organizations for educational and cultural exchanges. It can help someone find a roommate at over 3,000 top universities worldwide like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.

Thousands of people travel abroad for internships and volunteer organizations every year, and many face challenges when looking for housing at their destinations. 4stay helps alleviate the stress of international travel by helping find housing for these people before they even arrive. When they make it to their destination, everything is ready for them to move in and enjoy their stay.

AIESEC has described 4stay’s online marketplace as the “Airbnb for student housing or simply a roommate finder marketplace.” On our online marketplace, you can search for a place quickly and easily, and see plenty of photos of the room or apartment to determine if it is the right fit for you. You can then book the rental with just one click. Finding a roommate is just as easy with 4stay and having a roommate in the same organization or school can help you make your first friend in your destination.

By: Auz Burger