Washington, D.C. 16th of September. I watched this video with so much pain. Both my co-founder, Faridun Nazarov and I started 4stay because we’ve faced a similar situation when we first arrived in the United States. It comes with no surprise that 50,000 students in the California State University system reported homeless. This number is growing every day. These students are forced to live in the vehicles to avoid getting into debt.

California’s unaffordable housing crisis, rising costs of a college degree, lack of practical training for housing application were the primary reasons why we are witnessing this situation.  As an advocate of fair access to affordable housing for students and young people, I can’t leave this situation in its current state. The situation seems to be widespread and even states like Florida and Texas have similar situation.

At 4stay, we are starting a campaign to provide emergency funding and support to these students. Namely, we’ll establish “emergency student housing fund”, which will provide housing scholarship funding to students in the California State University system to help with their rent payment. As a Silicon Valley venture backed startup, we have a responsibility to provide for greater impact. Our partnership team will initiate relationships with leading institutions in the California State University system to start partnerships with the purpose to assist these students. So far, we partner with over 100 schools nationwide, and we hope that our partners will join this cause.

Additionally, in the next 12 months, 2% of 4stay’s profit derived from marketplace bookings will go into supporting this fund. The fund will focus on the following three directions:

  • Educate students on available housing resources and stay options and provide them with insurance.
  • Provide emergency housing support for students as a rent payment assistance by placing them into short and medium terms housing with partner institutions and housing providers.

Join the movement, let’s help students in the California State University system to reduce the number of homeless students.

Let’s put 50% of these students back to normal accessible housing so that they can concentrate on their studies and graduate with less or no debt! Click here to learn more about the campaign.

Yours faithfully,

Akobir Azamovich

Co-Founder at 4stay.com

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