4stay and the Uceda School signed a partnership agreement


4stay.com and the Uceda School are pleased to announce they have signed a partnership agreement to provide students in the English language programs at Uceda with affordable and convenient housing near the 14 different Uceda locations.

One of the biggest problems international students face when they come to America is trying to find safe, furnished, trustworthy housing. Education began in the Uceda family in 1902 when they started the San Carlos school in South America. During the 1960s the Uceda family founded the Jose Carlos Mariategui Institute with courses in english and other fields. Inspired by the success of the Juan Carlos Institute, the Uceda family founded the Uceda School in 1988 , which became one of the largest private chains of ESL schools in the United States.

The Uceda School has locations all along the east coast, and 4stay is proud of to offer convenient, furnished housing to students at each location. 4stay is adamant about improving the quality of the students experience whether that be in housing, or forming partnerships with schools that share the same vision.

With 4stay.com, affordable, furnished accommodations are just a click away at each of the 14 locations that the Uceda school offers, including Orlando, New York City, or Las Vegas. Our online housing platform provides students with complete off-campus housing and homestay solutions near the school. Students may register for free, get in touch with the landlord via the message board, and secure their housing through easy-to-use online booking. The platform offers short and long-term stays, and the variety in housing options is growing daily.

Interested in one of the Uceda School locations? Click the link to find your perfect housing option: http://ucedahousing.4stay.com/



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