4stay and PCSgrades have signed a partnership agreement


San Antonio, Texas, United States, July 2018

4stay.com and PCSgrades have signed a partnership agreement to help provide short-term housing solutions to military members, veterans, and spouses, that regularly deal with the inconveniences that are presented because of multiple relocations across the country.

The partnership between 4stay and PCSgrades is an amazing fit between two companies whose goal is to ease the process of finding affordable, convenient housing. 4stay and PCSgrades both have communities in place to help people find the perfect place to stay in any situation. Our team at 4stay works tirelessly to guarantee the military members, veterans, and spouses find an affordable, quick, and convenient housing solutions.

PCSgrades, a team of military members, veterans, and spouses, brings a voice to our community that has never existed before on the toughest must‐solve relocation problems.

Founded in San Antonio in 2015, PCSgrades immediately began making a positive impact on the way military and veteran families relocate.

4stay was founded in 2017 with the goal to help students, interns, professionals, and families to connect with local hosts, roommates and room providers. Our primary goal is to match the right guests with quality hosts. 4stay can provide furnished rooms, full apartments, or anything in between. Our partnership with PCSgrades is just another step closer to making sure everyone’s housing needs are fulfilled.  

Are you a military family being relocated? Click here so we can help you find the perfect place!




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