4stay to partner with Columbia West College

Los Angeles, CA, United States, April, 2018

4stay.com and Columbia West College have signed a partnership agreement to provide international and local students from Columbia West College with affordable, furnished, and convenient housing options near the campus.

This partnership builds a bridge between two businesses with similar origin stories. Both the founder of Columbia West College and 4stay.com came to the U.S. as immigrants in search of better education opportunities. The inspirations of the two businesses first grew out of the difficulties and challenges both founders faced when the first arrived in the U.S. As a a result, both businesses exist to address two of the most common difficulties that students face after landing in the U.S.: English language proficiency and affordable housing.

Today, Columbia West College is not only a school that helps to improve your English skills, but also helps you to reach your highest personal and professional potential. For over two decades, Columbia West College has provided thousands of students with high quality English as a Second Language (ESL) classes in the heart of beautiful Los Angeles, California. A communicative and interactive instructional approach along with a wide variety of student activities have been the key to creating long lasting English skills, great memories and international friendships.

With 4stay.com, affordable furnished accommodations are at your fingertips, as the online housing platform provides students with complete off-campus housing and homestay solutions near the school. Students may register for free, get in touch with the landlord via the message board, and secure their housing through easy-to-use online booking. The platform offers short and long-term stays, and the number of variety in housing options are growing daily.

Excited about studying and living in Los Angeles? Then click the link to search for your perfect housing option: https://housing.columbiawestcollege.edu/



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