7 Reasons Why Language Schools Should Outsource Student Housing

Property management of university dorms and language schools student housing takes a significant amount of time, energy and overhead cost. Language schools could instead save money and reduce workloads by partnering with online rental websites like 4Stay.com.

Here are just some of the benefits of language schools working with these student housing companies:

  1. Cost savings: Outsourcing student housing is a much cheaper alternative to in-house management. Improved operational efficiency saves money for the school (and students).
  2. Ability to focus on academic offerings: Say goodbye to stress and paperwork! With housing outsourced, school’s can afford to spend more time, manpower and resources toward academics.
  3. Competitive and affordable housing: Competition for premiere real estate is tough. Outsourcing housing management provides school’s with the best housing options in different price ranges.
  4. Access to an extensive online rental database: Companies like 4Stay offer great solutions for student housing in the neighborhoods students wish to live in. Their online databases of rentals offer a broader range of options to students.
  5. Convenient and flexible booking: Schools will no longer have to worry about quotas or deadlines. Students can book ahead at their convenience, and choose housing based on their unique timeframe and needs.
  6. Increased enrollment: Student housing is the second-largest expense of students next to tuition, which makes it a big factor in choosing a location for school. Offering cheaper, off-campus alternatives can attract more students to a campus.
  7. An easy-to-use interface: Online rental databases offer a high-tech solution that’s easier for students to use. Students can search and find their ideal home within seconds, rather than waiting weeks to be matched.

Over the past decade, more colleges and universities have started to outsource student housing to boost efficiency, trim budgets and focus on what they do best: Education. Check out 4stay’s listings to see how much better student housing can be.



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