How Do You Find a Roommate?

Considering the amount of time spent at home, a roommate experience can directly impact the quality of day-to-day life. That’s why it’s extremely important to find a roommate with potential upfront. A great roommate can mean fun new memories, while a bad apple roommate can make a living situation unbearable.

How do you avoid a bad apple roommate? If you have acquaintances you know well (who are not obligated yet and also looking for roommates), then you’re off to a good start. But, if you’re new to a geographic area–which is the case for many out-of-state and international students and interns, or job transfers–finding a quality roommate situation is more difficult.

If you don’t have an established network of viable potential roommates, here are some ways to find a great living situation:

  • Research open rooms: Finding rooms for rent (or a sublet) in an established home or apartment is a convenient way to find a roommate and housing in one step. Often, these are furnished apartments, which also saves you the cost and hassle of furniture and decorating. Websites like offer many room and sublet options through their online search engines.
  • Search college networking boards: Some colleges and universities have online networking boards where students post “ads” looking for roommates. By finding someone whose housing and personal interests align with yours, you may be able to find a great potential living partner.
  • Find roommates through social networking sites: Many social networking websites have online groups and pages dedicated to finding roommates (such as this roommate finder Facebook page for Washington DC). You can find roommate finder groups by geographic area, universities and more.
  • Interview potential roommates: Once you find a roommate possibility, don’t skip a full interview. Go out for coffee and assess how well you think you’ll get along with that person. Don’t forget to ask for references from previous roommates, and get answers about how the person operates at home.


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