Students: How to Find Off-Campus Housing

You finally decide to ditch the dorm life and upgrade to an off-campus apartment or rental (Congratulations!). Now, how do you find off-campus housing that fits your unique lifestyle and needs?

First, you must define your search parameters. Near campus or farther away? Apartment or house? Have roommates or live solo? Basic or luxury? Then, you need to find a place that fits all of those parameters and is within your budget (and agreed upon by any roommates).

It can be easy to become overwhelmed by the many different rental resources, websites and listings. If you need help narrowing down your off-campus options to find the perfect fit, here are some good places to start:

  1. College off-campus housing directories: Many universities offer their own resources and websites to help students find off-campus housing. This is a good place to discover housing that’s at least partially “endorsed” or vetted by a college.
  2. Facebook: Search available rentals easily via the housing section of Facebook’s “Marketplace” feature. As an added bonus, you can do background research on potential landlords or roommates via their online profiles.
  3. CraigslistThis classic (and popular) buying and selling tool includes a rentals and housing section. Quickly browse rentals–uploaded by users and other students–available in your desired neighborhood.
  4. Online Rental or Roommate Finder:  Housing and roommate search engines like 4Stay (created specifically for students, interns and young professionals) and allow you to easily search available rentals within specific geographic areas, budgets and timeframes.
  5. Real Estate Apps: Popular real estate apps like Zillow and Trulia often post rentals alongside homes to buy. Use interactive maps to zero in a specific neighborhood you’d like to live in based on price and amenities.
  6. Newspaper: Many people forget to check the newspaper for rental housing ads. While less and less landlords are using newspaper ads as a selling tool, you can sometimes still find good, local rental options.
  7. Realtor: For a price, you can consult a realtor to help you find a great rental that meets your specific requests. This is a good option for students who are too busy to search rental options on their own.

Our housing database was designed to streamline the housing search for students and young professionals. Let us help you find off-campus housing you can get excited about!



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