International Student Housing: Where to Find in D.C.

Searching for international student housing can be difficult, especially if you’re looking long-distance. Not all rental postings are straight-forward, and you’re completely dependent on descriptions and photos. If you do have the opportunity to browse rentals in-person, it’s often under pressure to find the right apartment in a relatively short time frame.

Washington, D.C., in particular is a popular destination for international students and interns. The D.C. area offers several universities and institutions that cater to international and multicultural students, along with excellent history, culture, nightlife and entertainment. Choosing D.C. as your home base for school or an internship is an easy choice–finding the right home and neighborhood can be harder.

If you’re searching for international student housing in D.C., here are a few helpful resources:

  1. Local international student housing: Washington, D.C., has a few homes, off-campus dorms and apartments created specifically for international students and interns. Finding rooms in these homes are based on availability:
    1. International House of Washington: 1110 6th St. NW Washington, DC (202) 650-9173
    2. International Student House: 1825 R Street, NW Washington, DC (202) 232-4007
    3. Washington International Student-Center: 2451 18th Street NW, Washington, DC (800) 567-4150, (202) 667-7681
    4. William Penn House: 515 East Capitol St SE, Washington, DC (202) 543-5560
  2. International housing websites: Online rental and housing sites like post available apartments, rooms for rent, and sublets for international students in the D.C. area. You can easily search rentals by dates, university campus, location/neighborhood, type of rental and amenities.
  3. University student living departments: Many local universities offer their own resources for helping students find affordable off-campus housing. Ask an advisor for the correct department to contact for international student or student living assistance.
  4. Social media groups: Social media networking sites like Facebook have online groups (like this one) to support international students and find off-campus apartments. You can also use these sites to find roommates.

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