Top 9 Websites for Off-Campus Housing

Ready to graduate from dorm life? Off-campus housing offers students freedom and amenities that simply can’t be found on campus. However, finding the right apartment or rental can be hard if you aren’t looking in the right place.

Plenty of websites offer apartment listings, but not all are intuitive or easy to use. And, not all are geared toward college students and first-time renters. Here are our suggestions for popular off-campus rental websites that are comprehensive, useful and simple to navigate:

  1. Online college directories: Many universities offer their own resources and websites for finding off-campus housing. This is a good place to start to find housing that is somewhat “endorsed” or vetted by a college.
  2. Craiglist.orgCraigslist has stuck around for a long time as a valuable buying and selling tool. Its bare-bones interface hasn’t changed much over the years–a fact many users appreciate! Browse rental listings and roommate requests uploaded by other users (and students like you).
  3. Social networking sites are great for connecting with other students and finding housing options that may not be posted elsewhere online. Search Facebook Marketplace for rental or roommate postings, discover student housing groups and investigate potential roommates based on their profiles.
  4. 4Stay.comCreated specifically for college students, interns and recent grads, this housing database functions similar to the popular AirBnb platform. Search listings by campus location or available dates (perfect for if you need housing for a certain semester or short-term timeframe).
  5. This website pulls rental listing information from other websites (including Craigslist and AirBnb) and displays them via an interactive map. Then, you can narrow down your map search by cost and other amenities.
  6. Zillow.comReal estate websites like Zillow and Trulia are popular places for real estate professionals to post their open listings. Users enjoy using these websites’ robust apps to search for homes while on-the-go.
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  8. Websites such as and include a large database of apartment rentals. Still, be warned: Wading through all the sponsored listings, ads and corporate marketing language can be tedius.
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At 4Stay, we vet our listings to ensure we’re providing authentic, high-quality student housing. Take a look at our off-campus housing options near your campus today!



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