Why colleges should outsource student housing

A lot of things help students enjoy a college or university experience. Institutions often try to do it all – education, housing, food service, etc. — but they can outsource parts like housing to benefit both students and the school.

Housing is an important part of students’ college experiences. In fact, many students and parents cite housing options as one of the top reasons for choosing a college. Because student housing gets so much attention, universities and colleges need to get it right. Partnering with a dedicated student housing business often is the right answer.

Bringing the focus back to a school’s mission and what it does best – education – makes sense.

More colleges and universities have started to outsource student housing in past 10 years to boost efficiency and trim budgets. Bringing the focus back to a school’s mission and what it does best – education – makes sense.

Research shows that the right living space lifts a person’s mood and skills. It can also ease the stress of life changes like going to college. Being happy with a living space helps students adjust to new demands and a new setting.

Colleges sometimes struggle to scale resources for growing student populations. But outsourcing streamlines services. A college can leverage strengths like solid teachers and researchers. Likewise, specialized staff at a private student housing service know their industry at a deep level. They can be more cost-effective than a public dorm and leverage their networks to cater to each student’s needs. Together, the partners reach common financial goals and offer students better experiences.

Colleges and universities come under fire when politicians and the public point out high costs. When there are ways to reduce the price, such as through partnerships, why not take them?

We can’t be experts at everything. Getting the best service for the money by hiring experts is smart. 4stay is an expert in the student housing field. The business keeps up with the changing industry. Students choose the housing of best fit from hundreds of options, instead of conforming to a traditional dorm stay. Check out 4stay’s listings to see how much better student housing can be.


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