According to a study released by the Wisconsin HOPE Lab, 14 percent of students are homeless. Many college students worldwide face difficulty in securing adequate student housing due to factors such as high rent and rental shortages. Other students struggle with finding a home that meets their needs, whether that be adequate living space or access to public transportation.

This issue is significant, considering that quality of housing can affect mental health and academic performance. Here are just 10 common housing issues college students face today:

  1. Location – Most students desire housing either on-campus or near campus due to the amount of time spent on-campus for classes, meetings, and jobs. Usually, rentals closer to campus cost greater and are more popular than rentals that may require a longer commute.
  2. Availability – The headcounts at colleges often number in the tens of thousands, while the availability of on-campus and off-campus housing is limited. Securing student housing can be competitive, especially in an area that is popular for non-students as well.
  3. Cost – In a “seller’s market” where real estate costs are rising, rental prices can also skyrocket. This is even more prevalent in developing areas close to restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.
  4. Accessibility – U.S. or international students without cars must rely on access to public transportation to get to and from campus. On the other hand, students with cars must consider commute time based on distance and traffic patterns.
  5. Parking – In densely-populated urban areas, parking is limited (or can be an additional cost). Limited parking space can become an issue for those who need to store vehicles and wish to host visitors.
  6. Safety – Students seeking to lower rental costs are sometimes forced to look at geographic areas that have higher crime rates. Potential damage to property and physical safety can be concerns among college students who are renting.
  7. Privacy – With the stress of student life, many students look for a refuge. However, finding a place supports quiet relaxation (while also satisfying many other requirements) can be challenging.
  8. Space – Most students require adequate space to study, but many also look for convenient access to other activities (such as recreational and common social spaces). Finding the perfect balance for work and play can be an issue for some college students.
  9. Cost-sharing – Students researching a location from long-distance or overseas often lack background information about rental areas and a reliable network to find suitable roommates. Sharing housing, however, results in significantly lower costs for students.
  10. Repairs – School is stressful enough without having to worry about rental housing repairs and upkeep. Still, responsive and supportive property management is a big issue for many students across the globe.

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