George Brown College, based in Toronto, Canada, has become the first college in Canada to partner with 4stay. George Brown is the only college in downtown Toronto and it has an excellent reputation among local businesses. It has three campuses in downtown Toronto, plus three more locations where students can attend classes.

In the 2017–2018 academic year, George Brown had 29,205 students enrolled full-time and another 3,049 enrolled part-time. Seventeen percent of these students were international, and they came from 115 different countries, with the highest numbers coming from “China, India, South Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, and Japan.” Canada has become a popular destination for students to study abroad, with nearly 500,000 international students in the country in 2017a 20 percent increase from 2016, and a 119 percent increase since 2010.

Students often experience challenges with looking for off campus housing that is nearby and affordable. Most places for rent require a one-year lease, which is not convenient for a student, since the academic year is significantly shorter, and if they break the lease at the end of the school year, they will be charged a large fee.

4stay connects students to housing all over the world and has partnerships with educational institutions in over 30 countries. Whether they are looking for a dorm, apartment, house, or a sublet, 4stay can help them find housing with just one click. The housing rented through 4stay comes fully furnished and all utilities are included in their rent; they also receive $100,000 insurance from 4stay to protect them from any major problems. Both long-term and short-term renting options are available, and they do not have to pay a deposit. 4stay can also help students connect to roommates that are also attending George Brown. Students looking to enjoy local culture can also join 4stay’s homestay program.

As part of 4stay’s partnership with George Brown, 4stay put together a co-branded landing page for their students to look for housing quickly and easily. Students at George Brown have access to over 300 housing options to choose from through 4stay, and the numbers will be growing.

Other agencies in Canada are partnering with 4stay to connect to educational institutions to help their students find affordable housing fast, but George Brown is the first college to officially partner with 4stay in Canada. The large increase in international students coming to Canada to study creates a greater need for housing, and 4stay is the best way for students to find the right housing or the right roommate for the right price, and it is always near campus or near their place of employment.

4stay understands the difficulty of finding affordable housing near campus for students, it was founded by two students who experienced these housing challenges themselves and decided to help prevent others from having trouble with finding housing.

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By: Auz Burger